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2021 Heroes Ball

Miércoles 26 de mayo
6: 30-8: 30 pm EDT
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¿Qué es el Heroes Ball?

Jubilee JumpStart sigue siendo animado por héroes. Nuestro nuevo evento anual reconocerá a los héroes que hacen que nuestro centro prospere: nuestros padres, voluntarios, nuestros homenajeados en 2021 y otros miembros increíbles de la comunidad. Este año el evento será virtual. Únase a nosotros para nuestro primer "Baile de héroes" con temática de superhéroes.



¡Vistete! ¡Sea parte de la acción!

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¡Los héroes también necesitan un poco de ayuda! Honre a nuestros héroes y apoye Jubilee JumpStart. Continúe la alegría y el aprendizaje para nuestros hijos.

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¡Conoce a nuestros héroes homenajeados 2021!

Una parte fundamental del Heroes Ball es reconocer a personas increíbles a través de dos premios:

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HERO of The YEar

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Gail Arnall is one of Jubilee JumpStart’s steadfast, fearless champions, part of our community since our founding, and one of our original board members. She continues to fight for equitable, quality childcare and education by connecting us with one community hero after another.  Gail has served with the Church of the Saviour for 48 years and counting, specifically in the 8th Day faith community. Through the Church of Saviour, Gail helped launch Jubilee JumpStart and helps sustain us even in the lowest of moments.  

For over a decade, Gail served as Executive Director of Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) in Arlington, VA, helping men and women transition to life after prison. Working with OAR solidified her belief that investing in children and their families is key to helping them stay on a positive trajectory in life.

Gail’s entrepreneurial spirit, communications expertise, and ability to connect caring, smart people have helped organizations like the Family Place, the Potter’s House, HER Resiliency Center, the Festival Center, and of course, Jubilee JumpStart. While her title has changed many times, her heart has not. These are just a few reasons Gail Arnall was selected as our 2022 Hero of the Year.

Héroe de la comunidad

del año 


Diane Bernstein was an active philanthropist who brought her expertise to support programs serving the most vulnerable children in the region.  Her early championing of childcare centers that supported parents and families while supporting children’s development, was what connected her so closely to Jubilee JumpStart. She understood that doing so meant every child receives the stable, loving care and learning they deserve at school and home.

A hero for children throughout her life and career, Diane has started and led many children's programs like the Department of Child Life at Children's National Medical Center. She has chaired the Board of Directors of the Lourie Center for Infants and Toddlers. In 1992, Diane co-founded DC Action for Children and created the DC Children's Health Care Coalition. In he was appointed by Mayor Anthony Williams to the Board of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, where she served as Vice-Chair.


A lifelong activist, Diane sometimes got into “good trouble”, like getting arrested while protesting for DC voting rights in 2011. But her love for children gave fire to her enormous spirit. She generously shared her wisdom, energy, resources, and courage to support and stand up for children and families throughout her life. We celebrate Diane by carrying forward that spirit to meet today's challenges and beyond.






¡Tu regalo importa!

Los dólares recaudados de Heroes Ball ayudarán a nuestros maestros de superhéroes a continuar brindando educación infantil de la más alta calidad, apoyar a nuestras familias y continuar a salvo con nuestras puertas abiertas. Alimente el aprendizaje y la alegría de los niños y las familias de Jubilee JumpStart. 



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¡Te veo allí!

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